IFIO Study Hall

November 14, 2023
internal family systems, therapy

Change Your Conversation, Change Your Relationship # Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) is not simple to learn. I’ve been seeing couples for almost six months; I feel like I’m just beginning to understand how to facilitate sessions. On the Facebook group, I recently asked, “How do tracking and courageous communication fit together? I mean, what does the intermediate stage look like where you are halfway between the two techniques? ...

Compassionate Resolution of Dishonesty

November 11, 2023
internal family systems, therapy

Introduction # A complex array of motivations drive dishonesty. These include financial gain, self-preservation, social approval, ethical dilemmas, cognitive biases, and fear of punishment. Men are often more dishonest than women,1 and cultural and social factors also play a significant role in shaping attitudes towards honesty.2 Dishonesty in a relationship creates several challenges: Erosion of trust: Trust is a fundamental building block of any healthy relationship. When one party in the relationship is dishonest, it erodes the trust that has been established over time. ...

Psychedelic use by facilitators

May 3, 2023
psychedelics, therapy

Abstract: The use of psychedelics in therapy may benefit both the client and the facilitator, and there is a debate about whether facilitators should have personal experience with the substance. While some traditions expect the facilitator to partake in the same dose as the participants, modern medicine expects the facilitator to remain sober. Facilitator sobriety is important to attend to the risks associated with psychedelic use, while communal use of the substance may increase empathy and compassion. ...