internal family systems

On Body Positivity

November 21, 2023
internal family systems, nutrition

What is the debate? πŸ₯Š # According to epidemiological studies,1 the threshold for BMI is 20–21 kg m-2. πŸ’₯ yet πŸ’₯ We envision a world where BMI does not exist, and is not replaced with another size-based, anti-fat measure of health.2 What is the impulse behind movements like Health At Every Size2 and Intuitive Eating3? Shape of the motivating story 🎭 # Suppose I have depression 😟. The only thing that fills that void in my heart is ice cream 🍨. ...

IFIO Study Hall

November 14, 2023
internal family systems, therapy

Change Your Conversation, Change Your Relationship # Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) is not simple to learn. I’ve been seeing couples for almost six months; I feel like I’m just beginning to understand how to facilitate sessions. On the Facebook group, I recently asked, “How do tracking and courageous communication fit together? I mean, what does the intermediate stage look like where you are halfway between the two techniques? ...

Compassionate Resolution of Dishonesty

November 11, 2023
internal family systems, therapy

Introduction # A complex array of motivations drive dishonesty. These include financial gain, self-preservation, social approval, ethical dilemmas, cognitive biases, and fear of punishment. Men are often more dishonest than women,1 and cultural and social factors also play a significant role in shaping attitudes towards honesty.2 Dishonesty in a relationship creates several challenges: Erosion of trust: Trust is a fundamental building block of any healthy relationship. When one party in the relationship is dishonest, it erodes the trust that has been established over time. ...

Origins of IFS in the bicameral mind

October 26, 2023
internal family systems, history

This article was published in PARTS & SELF magazine and is reprinted here verbatim. Richard Schwartz derived the Internal Family Systems (IFS) method through clinical experience. While many reports of positive outcomes attest to the method’s validity, IFS is seen by some as a somewhat separate and niche approach within the broader field of psychology. One way of placing IFS in a historical context is to look for theories of psychological evolution that hinge on the differentiation of Parts from a mono-mind. ...