The frosty methods of the multi-million dollar company behind Wim Hof

October 24, 2023
criminal justice, meditation, law

Original in de Volkskrant published 21 Oct 2023 By Anneke Stoffelen A message from ‘ice man’ Wim Hof, this spring on Instagram: ‘Don’t worry about your fears. Embrace them!’ In the video you see the 64-year-old wellness guru stepping into an apparently icy lake in front of a brown rock. His gray hair drips in wet strands over his shoulders. “The fear of cold is logical,” says Wim Hof’s voice in the voiceover, while on screen he blows out short bursts of air above the water surface. ...

The alphabet versus the goddess (1999)

November 28, 2020
history, religion, spirituality, meditation

Many assume that the invention of a phonetic alphabet only brought benefits. In a somewhat speculative reassessment of history, Shlain makes the case that the phonetic alphabet advanced lawyer-style thinking that greatly facilitated the justification of violence. The book is unlikely to be 100% true, but also unlikely to be 100% false. <—> Shlain, L. (1999). The alphabet versus the goddess: The conflict between word and image. Penguin.