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As you probably know, sex education at American public schools is narrowly focused on basic anatomy. My parents, for whatever reason, did not provide much supplemental information. The unstated sentiment was that I should figure it out for myself. On one hand, the minimum competencies are mostly innate. My daughter was born in 2004. On the other hand, such a rich area of behavioral affordances prompts much more detailed exploration.

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History #

Despite some fictional elements, Hysteria 2011 is a charming alternate history of the vibrator.

The invention of the polygraph inspired a remarkable film, Professor Marston & the Wonder Women 2017.

Thomas Maier wrote a history of the first scientific investigation of human sexuality. The associated miniseries, Masters of Sex 2013, incorporates some fictional elements that well complement the extraordinary story.

Science #

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Nov 21, 2022 Interview

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Oct 27, 2022 Interview

Contemporary #

Clark-Flory, T. (2021). Want Me: A Sex Writer’s Journey into the Heart of Desire. Penguin Books

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