Annotated Bibliography #

You don’t need to read any books to receive counseling.

I put this page here to document my own journey learning the IFS model. These are the books that I feel are practice focused, actually teach you how to facilitate IFS sessions.

Books #

  • Schwartz, R. C. & Sweezy, M. (2019). Internal Family Systems Therapy (2nd ed.). The Guilford Press.
  • Anderson, F. G., Schwartz, R., & Sweezy, M. (2017). Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual: Trauma-Informed Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Substance Abuse. PESI Publishing & Media.
    The format of this book, with lots of dialogues, I found very helpful.
  • Anderson, F. G. (2021). Transcending Trauma: Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems. PESI Publishing, Inc.
    Frank provides wonderfully detailed coverage of the model.
  • Sykes, C., Sweezy, M., & Schwartz, R. C. (2023). Internal Family Systems Therapy for Addictions: Trauma-Informed, Compassion-Based Interventions for Substance Use, Eating, Gambling and More. PESI Publishing, Inc.
    This book clarifies the distinction between one-way and two-way communication with exiles. It also offers lots of ideas related to unblending a polarized system.
  • Falconer, R. (2023). The Others Within Us: Internal Family Systems, Porous Mind, and Spirit Possession. Great Mystery Press.
  • Burris, C. (2022). Creating Healing Circles: Using the Internal Family Systems Model in Facilitating Groups. B. C. Allen Publishing.
    Reveal my selfie with Chris
  • Sweezy, M. (2023). Internal Family Systems Therapy for Shame and Guilt. The Guilford Press.
    There is coverage of shame and guilt, but that is a tiny portion of the scope of this book. Lots of wisdom here. For example, an ingenious framework for unblending (pp. 134-135).

Why no books on Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO)? #

IFIO is amazing, but in my opinion, has not been well systematized. The best way to learn IFIO is to take trainings and receive consultation from experienced trainers. The books are not useless, but are woefully incomplete.