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I offer a serene and confidential environment to talk about matters of the heart. My goal is to help you reprocess your psychological pain and suffering in a way that releases any detrimental limits for love, contentment, and positive self-concept (ðŸĪŠ and 😎 → 😇). I use Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS is an evidence-based and trauma-informed model.

Areas of Expertise #

  • Individual emotional & relationship issues (couple or dyad) âĪïļ
  • Psychedelic prep & integration1 🍄/ðŸļ
    • Prepare to take your first psychedelic journey safely
    • Understand and integrate your psychedelic journey(s)
    • I do not prescribe, procure, or administer substances.
  • Expecting your first child? 🚞
    • Ready for a new full-time job without sleep? Learn the mental health tools you need before the proverbial shit hits the fan. ðŸ’Đ
    • If you put more skill and effort into the first three years, you and your child will reap a lifetime of benefits.
  • Lifestyle, nutrition, & physical health ðŸĨ—
    • I have studied nutrition for many years and am trained to evaluate statistical evidence.
    • I am not a licensed dietician.2
    • I am not a medical doctor.

Professional Background #

  • Internal Family Systems
  • Practicing meditation for more than 30 years.3 🧘ðŸŧ‍♂ïļ Can provide cult recovery support.
  • Ph.D. Quantitative Psychology in 2016 from University of Virginia. See NCBI for publications. 🎓

How much counseling experience do you have? #

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Notes #

  1. Morgan, N. L. (2020). Integrating psychedelic experiences utilizing the Internal Family Systems therapeutic model. Int. J. Soc. Sci. Manage. Rev 3, 257–264. doi: 10.37602/IJSSMR.2020.3417 ↩︎

  2. Is it probably a good thing that I am not a licensed dietician given The corporate capture of the nutrition profession in the USA: the case of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2022)↩︎

  3. Check out my 2023 article on meditation published in the IFS magazine PARTS & SELF! ↩︎