Candle treatment

Candle treatment #

This technique was pioneered at the Sahaja Yoga Vashi Hospital in Mumbai India. It is a bit too elaborate to easily describe on a web page. A simplified version follows.

Sit cross-legged on the floor. Lift a candle holder with your right hand. Slowly maneuver the candle up and down the left side (emotional side) of your body from the lower abdomen to the shoulder.

The technique actually requires at least three candles:

  • Use the first candle as described above.
  • Second candle is placed in-line with your body on the left side at the height of your lower abdomen.
  • Third candle is placed behind your back on the left side at the height of your lower abdomen.

Variations #

There are more elaborate setups that combine this technique with foot soaking.

Instead of maneuvering the candle in front of your body, an assistant can maneuver the candle behind your back up and down on the left side.

Timing #

Candle treatment clears the emotional side. This can be a relief if you are in a relaxing environment, but can be difficult in a stressful environment. As your left side gets clearer, you become more sensitive to the environment.

Credit #

This technique is from Sahaja Yoga Meditation.