CDC Unable To Cite Studies Showing Fluoride Is Effective When Swallowed

December 16, 2023
law, nutrition

The Director of The Centers For Disease Control’s (CDC) Oral Health Division, Casey Hannan, fumbles during a deposition for the TSCA Fluoride Lawsuit when asked to provide documentation of the studies CDC relies on to support its claim that fluoride reduces tooth decay when ingested. Also see: A medical consensus of public health authorities around the world has considered water fluoridation at appropriate levels as a safe and effective means to prevent cavities on a community-wide scale. ...

On Body Positivity

November 21, 2023
internal family systems, nutrition

What is the debate? 🥊 # According to epidemiological studies,1 the threshold for BMI is 20–21 kg m-2. 💥 yet 💥 We envision a world where BMI does not exist, and is not replaced with another size-based, anti-fat measure of health.2 What is the impulse behind movements like Health At Every Size2 and Intuitive Eating3? Shape of the motivating story 🎭 # Suppose I have depression 😟. The only thing that fills that void in my heart is ice cream 🍨. ...

Fiber is not necessarily fibrous

December 29, 2022
nutrition, semantics

In nutrition science, the word fiber refers to the type of carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. This definition of fiber is so different from the kind of fiber found in many plants that they might as well be completely different words. <—> Coconut coir fibers are obtained from the outermost layer of the husk. They are typically light brown in color, durable, and resistant to water. Credit: Midjourney Indeed, these are a kind of fiber that your body cannot digest. ...