Ethical Decay at MAPS

January 12, 2024
politics, psychedelics, religion

Rick Doblin/MAPS calls entheogen-based religious claims “bogus” at Cannadelic 2023. It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. In view of the sunk cost fallacy, maybe it’s time to cut our losses on MAPS.

The alphabet versus the goddess (1999)

November 28, 2020
history, religion, spirituality, meditation

Many assume that the invention of a phonetic alphabet only brought benefits. In a somewhat speculative reassessment of history, Shlain makes the case that the phonetic alphabet advanced lawyer-style thinking that greatly facilitated the justification of violence. The book is unlikely to be 100% true, but also unlikely to be 100% false. <—> Shlain, L. (1999). The alphabet versus the goddess: The conflict between word and image. Penguin.