Kanna #

Kanna contains many alkaloids including mesembrine, mesembrenone, mesembrenol, mesembranol, epimesembranol, and tortuosamine. Of these, mesembrine and mesembrenone are thought to be the main contributors to the psychoactive effects:

mesembrine mesembrenone
molecule mesembrine mesembrenone
subjective effect energy/focus calming/relaxation

In 2012, the first commercial kanna extract, Zembrin, was made available in North America.1 Zembrin is optimized for relaxation (i.e., less than 20% mesembrine) and is typically sold in 25mg tablets. Zembrin only contains 0.35–0.45% total alkaloids.2 Other vendors sell much more potent extracts. You can find products with more than 5% total alkaloids (i.e., ≈10x more concentrated than Zembrin). I use an extract optimized for relaxation. As long as mesembrine is less than 50% of the total alkaloids, the subjective effect is going to be pretty relaxing.

More information here, including safety and drug interactions

Applications #

  • After dinner, eases transition from work to rest
  • Academic exams

Notes #

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