Ethical Decay at MAPS

January 12, 2024
politics, psychedelics, religion

Rick Doblin/MAPS calls entheogen-based religious claims “bogus” at Cannadelic 2023. It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. In view of the sunk cost fallacy, maybe it’s time to cut our losses on MAPS.

Comment on Placement of 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine and 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine in Schedule I

December 18, 2023
law, politics, psychedelics

Drug regulation should not be a criminal matter, but addressed by health care providers. I urge the DEA to drop this attempt to schedule more substances. Personal Liberty: At the heart of the decriminalization movement lies the principle of individual autonomy. Adults should have the right to choose what they put into their own bodies, as long as their actions don’t harm others. Criminalizing personal drug use infringes on this fundamental freedom, treating individuals as criminals for making private choices. ...

Psilomethoxin, My Case Report (Addendum #2)

October 9, 2023
psychedelics, science

Purely based on subjective experience, I estimate the pharmacodynamics as: pm <- function(x) 7.5*dchisq(4*(x-.5), 6) The x axis is hours and the y axis is scaled so that 1 = a capsule of dried Pm mushroom powder. plot(function(x) pm(x), 0,6, xlab="hours",ylab="capsules") Using this function, you can estimate the effect of multiple capsules taken at different times. For example, suppose you take 2 at 10am, 1 at 10:45am, 1 at 11:15am, and 1 at 11:45am. ...

Psilomethoxin, My Case Report (Addendum #1)

September 3, 2023
psychedelics, science

I have had IFS sessions with one client on multiple occasions with a self-administered psycholytic dose of psilomethoxin (Pm). In addition, I have shared Pm with five people Z, M, W, K1, and K2. What surprised me most from this exploration is that Pm seems to have a built-in exit valve. Or from the opposite point of view, the user only experiences the effects of Pm when focused inside. If you focus outside then you can completely miss the effects. ...

Psychedelic use by facilitators

May 3, 2023
psychedelics, therapy

Abstract: The use of psychedelics in therapy may benefit both the client and the facilitator, and there is a debate about whether facilitators should have personal experience with the substance. While some traditions expect the facilitator to partake in the same dose as the participants, modern medicine expects the facilitator to remain sober. Facilitator sobriety is important to attend to the risks associated with psychedelic use, while communal use of the substance may increase empathy and compassion. ...

Psilomethoxin, My Case Report

February 16, 2023
psychedelics, science

At the end of 2022, a new psychedelic became available. Psilomethoxin (Pm) offers a subjective experience similar to MDMA, but without MDMA’s stimulant-like effects. <—> In 1965, Marc Julia’s group at the Pasteur Institute synthesized psilomethoxin (Pm) from ortho-vanillin extracted from the Mexican vanilla orchid. The molecule was never bioassayed nor preserved as a reference sample, and that is how things stood for decades. The synthesis of Pm is an intricate and time-consuming process, with some chemists claiming that it would take a month. ...