My opinion ⚠


My opinion #

In real life, I am highly opinionated about diverse content areas.

This area of my website is the safe space for me to broadcast my opinions.

No Secrets #

In my previous career, I contributed to science and free and open source software. I continue to carry some of the same ethical principles forward as a counselor. Specifically, I reject secrecy in the sense that I have no paywall or subscription for my website content.

Counseling ≠ Telling My Opinions #

As an IFS Practitioner, I attend to structure and process while maintaining indifference to content. I believe that a good counselor is extremely neutral ⚖️, to encourage the client’s inner system to lead.

The illustration below is a metaphor
  • The rock balanced atop of the pile of rocks represents the client.
  • The environment represents my emotional warmth and support.
  • My job is to keep you, the client, well held and protected. 🫶🏼

You should not hear any unsolicited opinions from me when I am working with you as your counselor. If you do think you hear me express an opinion, I want to know about it. 🙊

outdoor desert zen garden, boulder pile leaning precarious
Credit: Midjourney "outdoor desert zen garden, boulder pile leaning precarious"

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