Foot soaking

Foot soaking #

Place some warm water in a dishpan1 with a handful of salt.2

Sit comfortably on a chair, put your feet in the salt water, and meditate for 5-15 minutes.

This helps address Restless Legs Syndrome.

Can combine with withdrawal of the senses. In fact, with lukewarm water, foot soak could be regarded as withdrawing the feet from the touch and texture of being on a surface.

Use cold exposure instead if you need greater relief.

Credit #

This technique is from Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Foot soaking

Notes #

  1. A half-size steam table pan works great too. ↩︎

  2. Use table salt 🧂 (sodium chloride) to mimic ocean water. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is a great fertilizer for plants. ↩︎