Counseling #

What does counseling look like? #

As a default, I recommend 75-minute sessions on a weekly basis. However, other schedules can be accommodated. The duration of therapy can vary depending on your needs and motivation. During the no-fee consultation, we’ll decide together what is the best fit.

Location #

I live in White City, Oregon (near the California border).

I am seeing clients by video or audio-only1 (your choice).

As I am not licensed, I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Fees #

My rate is $20 per hour for the first two hours. Thereafter, my rate is $120 per hour. Reserve time in 15 min increments. I do not accept insurance.

People with low income, or veterans or active military may request a sliding scale rate.

Book a free 20 min consultation.

Notes #

  1. In the classical approach to psychotherapy, the client lies on a couch and does not look the therapist directly in the eye while speaking. ↩︎